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BACKGROUND: The school was founded in the year 2003.The school has grown from a population of sixty five to four hundred and ninety one currently- 2009.


CLASSROOMS: The school has large and well ventilated classrooms which accommodate a manageable number of 30 pupils per class.

COMPUTER LESSONS: The school offers computer studies from standard one to eight.

PERFOMANCE & ACHIEVEMENT: The school performance in both District and National examinations has been an exemplary in the four years running. Our pupils are admitted to our well established national and provincial schools and are doing quite well.

EDUCATIONAL TOURS: The school organizes trips annually for our pupils explosure.We are in Tsavo National Park and Malindi respectively.

FEEDING PROGRAMME: The school has an elaborated and well established feeding programme.Pupils enjoy their lunch at our spacious hall.

MANAGEMENT: The school is managed by well trained professionals and dedicated managers. The Administrator is Mr.Omar, The Head teacher is Mr.Onyimbo & the school secretary is Md.Antonnet.

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